While we're getting ready to see 'The Lone Ranger' premiere an all-new trailer during the 2013 Super Bowl this Sunday, Disney has released another poster in addition to its recently released teaser trailer.

While the first 'Lone Ranger' poster showed us very little of the upcoming film -- just Johnny Depp's black-streaked eyes -- this new one doesn't show us anything new either. Instead what we get is more artsy version of that previously introduced image of Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp casually walking away from a smoke cloud.

'The Lone Ranger' features Hammer and Depp as legendary partners John Reid (aka The Lone Ranger) and Tonto. Upon Reid's untimely death, Tonto, being the spirit warrior that he is, resurrects him, setting him on the path to becoming our classic hero.

Although the new Super Bowl trailer for 'The Lone Ranger' isn't set to debut until Sunday, we'll guessing it'll be making an online premiere sooner. So check back later for the latest updates, and see the new poster in full below.