Through eight seasons of 'The Office,' comings and goings of cast and crew alike, one mystery has always remained throughout the series.  No, it's not the identity of the Scranton Strangler, but rather what the deal with Cousin Mose was!  Now that Dwight Schrute is potentially moving into his own spin-off 'The Farm,' will Mose take a larger role in the series?  Or will real-life duties limit Mike Schur's involvement with the spin-off?

Never fear, Mose fans!  TVLine has confirmed that Dwight Schrute's most eccentric kin will indeed be present for 'The Office' spin-off 'The Farm,' as Mike Schur will at least reprise the role in the pilot.  Having previously acted as executive producer for the series, Schur's appearances as Mose became few and far between as he took up show-running duties for 'Parks and Recreation.'

Schur will reprise the character for 'The Office' season 9 episode acting as a backdoor pilot for 'The Farm,' but don't expect to see Mose in a regular capacity going forward.  Schur's aversion to playing the character goes as far as suggesting he be actually killed off! “That would be the best case scenario, I think, if Mose was in a horrible tractor accident, and he was chopped up into little pieces so that there was no way he could come back," jokes Schur.  "I’d be really psyched.”

So why all the hatred for Mose?

I don’t know how to act! [Departing 'Office' and current 'Farm' show-runner] Paul Lieberstein is mostly the driving force behind keeping Mose alive because he loves torturing me.

There was one time where I had a whole real scene with Jim and Pam — it was the night they stayed at the Schrute B&B — and I served them breakfast and had like six lines… and I was completely unprofessional because I’m not a good actor and just laughed every time.

Schur joins the most recent casting of Tom Bower as Dwight's great-uncle Heinrich, ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Community‘ star Matt Jones as Dwight’s mysterious cousin Zeke,  Thomas Middleditch as Dwight’s younger brother Jeb, and sister Fanny cast earlier with ‘Roswell’s Majandra Delfino in the role.  NBC has not yet greenlit 'The Farm' to series, but will make a decision upon airing of its backdoor pilot episode.

What do you think?  Does Mike Schur's Cousin Mose make the idea of a Dwight Schrute spin-off any more palatable to you?  Will you watch ‘The Farm’ if NBC goes through with the series?  Give us your thoughts on the new series in the comments below!

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