The Tomorrow War may have premiered on Amazon and its Prime Video streaming service, but it was originally intended for theaters. The film was produced by Paramount, who later sold the project to Amazon during the worst of the Covid pandemic. While Amazon had to spent a big chunk of money to get the movie — most reports claim it cost Amazon roughly $200 million — it appears it was a good investment, as the film was the most-streamed movie on all of the internet recently, with well over 1 billion (billion with a b) minutes consumed by Amazon subscribers.

On their website, Nielsen ranks it at the top of their list of the most-watched streaming movies for the week that ended on July 4, which monitors films that are available on Amazon, Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix. The Tomorrow War, which stars Chris Pratt as a science teacher drafted to travel into the future to fight a war against alien invaders, was the only Amazon title on the entire chart, but it was also the number one ranked movie by well over 100 million minutes.

In second place was the recent Pixar release Luca, followed by Liam Neeson’s Netflix thriller The Ice Road and the Kevin Hart film Fatherhood. Here’s how the entire top ten looks:

  1. The Tomorrow War (Amazon) - 1.22 billion minutes
  2. Luca (Disney+) - 1.15 billion minutes
  3. The Ice Road (Netflix) - 553 million minutes
  4. Fatherhood (Netflix) - 358 million minutes
  5. Raya and the Last Dragon (Disney+) - 324 million minutes
  6. Fear Street Part One: 1994 (Netflix) - 248 million minutes
  7. Wish Dragon (Netflix) - 204 million minutes
  8. Good on Paper (Netflix) - 190 million minutes
  9. Moana (Disney+) - 131 million minutes
  10. Home (Netflix) - 114 million minutes

To put this in a little perspective The Tomorrow War was the #2 most-watched film or television show across all of streaming behind only the series Manifest, which Netflix subscribers watched to the tune of 1.82 billion minutes during this time frame. Keep in mind, though, that Manifest is a television series with more than two dozen episodes available to binge. The Tomorrow War is a single two-hour movie. That means way more individual users watched The Tomorrow War than Manifest (unless one really enthuiastic Chris Pratt fan watched it about nine million times). No wonder Amazon is said to be interested in making a Tomorrow War sequel, which had better be called 2morrow War or I’m canceling my Prime Video subscription.

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