[Taylor Swift voice] John Carpenter never goes out of style. The master filmmaker influenced a generation of movie nerds with his hyper-competent, crowd-pleasing genre pictures such as HalloweenThe Thing, and They Live. His fingerprints are all over the modern horror canon, with his synths-and-neon aesthetic informing everything from Stranger Things to the widely under-appreciated The Guest. The latest film to kowtow to the Carpenter’s far-reaching legacy is The Void, a new chiller than many readily compared to The Thing when it debuted at Texas’ Fantastic Fest last fall. And with a new trailer available today, viewers can start to judge that for themselves.

Jeremy Gillespie’s latest effort come wth a pretty vague logline — a group of “otherworldly” beings trap a ragtag collection of strangers in a hospital, sending them into a metaphysical nightmare as they attempt escape — and the trailer won’t do much to clear it up. It’s a barrage of context-free imagery, disturbing all the same. Triangles seem to hold some hidden significance, emblazoning the hoods of the mysterious, KKK-looking figures that converge on the hospital. Shrouded in darkness, the various survivors will have to fight tooth and nail to scramble away with their lives.The U.K.-released trailer, embedded below, doesn’t shed much more light on the situation, either.

This one looks pretty odd, nicely splitting the line between homage and being derivative. The film premieres in the U.K. on March 31, and then makes the journey to our fair shores on April 7. Horror devotees would do well to sit up and take notice.

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