As we're all well aware, 'The Wolverine' is currently in production in Australia with a jacked Hugh Jackman once again sinking his teeth into the role of Logan. We also know that the film sports a supporting cast of predominantly unknown actors; or, at the very least, actors who aren't largely familiar to worldwide audiences. But rumor has it a recognizable face is joining Jackman in Sydney for a brief but potentially fascinating cameo. Who could it be...?

According to the site We Got This Covered, Famke Janssen -- Jean Grey herself -- flew down under last week to shoot a cameo in 'The Wolverine.' Details of the walk-on are unknown, but the site has gotten their info from that always reliable "source close to the film," so please take this rumor with a grain of salt for right now.

However, this doesn't seem unfathomable. We saw Logan pop up briefly in 'X-Men: First Class,' a fun but telling appearance that indicated 20th Century Fox is up for mutant cameos. If you'll also remember, Patrick Stewart made a quick appearance at the very end of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' as a very CGI-ed Professor Xavier. But how exactly would Jean Grey fit into Wolverine's world? Would it be just a passing glance, a split-second encounter between the future soul mates? Or did she factor into Logan's life in a significant way that has been unsaid up until now?

Or, and let's get really geeky now, is this all tied in somehow to the forthcoming 'First Class' sequel, 'Days of Future's Past,' which could very well combine the casts of 'First Class' and the original 'X-Men' flicks? 'The Wolverine' hits theaters in July, so it's possible we won't know anything for certain until then. However, given the nature of the internet, we just might find out sooner rather than later.