With 'Iron Man 3' mostly behind us, the next Marvel superhero film to look forward to is 'Thor 2,' which hits theaters this November. Director Alan Taylor ('Game of Thrones') recently spoke out about what he's bringing to the upcoming sequel, and he promised everything that fans want: intense action, high stakes and...big laughs?

Taylor comes to 'Thor 2' replacing previous director Kenneth Branagh, who opted not to return. Taylor says he wasn't a fan of how 'Thor' "had the effect of making everything new and shiny," and for his movie, he wanted a "darker tone." But one thing he didn't want to change: the comedy.

Said Taylor to Empire Magazine (via InFeeds) about keeping the lighter moments of the original film:

It's really important that it still be funny. Can we really make it more visceral and meaty and weighty, and also still got that tone of humor? There's actually people getting killed, people getting maimed - and then you have a comic relief moment.

If we're being honest, we think Taylor actually has it the other way around. One of the things we actually liked about 'Thor' was the beauty of Asgard (and frankly, we wish the majority of the film took place there). What we didn't like was the comic relief on Earth, particularly the "fish out of water" elements and much of the Kat Dennings stuff (we love her, just not in this movie).

We're not completely opposed to a few laughs in our superhero movies (after all, it's what made 'The Avengers' so enjoyable), but the reason the lighter tone of 'The Avengers' worked was because you have a character like Tony Stark, who's naturally a funny, goofy guy. Thor, for all his coffee cup smashing, is not an inherently funny character. Don't try to force humor into a film you're also deliberately trying to set with a darker tone.

What do you think? Do you think there's room for more humor in 'Thor 2,' or would you like to see the film played straight?