The following post contains SPOILERS for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder leaves us with cliffhanger on top of cliffhanger on top of cliffhanger. (And, one last time, there are spoilers coming — you have been warned more than once now. If you read on before you see the movie and you complain that we spoiled you, we’re gonna go get our Necrosword.

Like we were saying: Love and Thunder ends with a whole bunch of surprises. Jane Foster dies — but then is transported to Valhalla, the much-discussed final resting place of the gods. (Did you notice how many times they brought Valhalla up in supposedly casual conversation in Love and Thunder? Yeah that was foreshadowing.) Gorr makes it to Eternity to order him to slay all the universe’s gods — but then uses his wish to bring his daughter back to life. And Thor agrees to become the little girl’s guardian, turning the God of Thunder into the Adoptive Dad of Thunder.

What happens next? What does that other post-credits scene mean for Marvel and the future of the Avengers? We answer all your question in our latest Thor video. Watch it below:

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