Yes, we know you’ve all been shipping various members of the Avengers for years now, but so far their relationships in canon have been pretty heterosexual across the board. Maybe one day Stucky will come to pass, but for now there aren’t a ton of openly LGBTQ characters in Marvel comics, none of which are featured in the movies — until Thor: Ragnarok’s Valkyrie.

Tessa Thompson confirmed on Twitter that she is very much aware of the Thor comics heroine’s bisexuality, which means that Thor: Ragnarok officially features the MCU’s very first LGBTQ superhero. As if we didn’t have enough incentive to go see it.

It’s pretty awesome that Thompson has made it her business to know her character so well, and with all her charm and badassery Ragnarok’s Valkyrie will probably become a fan-favorite regardless. This won’t come as news to comics readers, as Valkyrie has been bi in the comics for years, having relationships with both men, like Thor, and women, like archaeologist Annabelle Riggs. Sadly, our own Matt Singer confirmed that there’s no evidence of her bisexuality in the movie (read his review here), but that doesn’t mean her character can’t be further explored in future installments. Kevin Feige can give us a call if he needs any Valkyrie spinoff ideas.

For those of us who are frustrated by Marvel and Disney’s persistent tiptoeing around LGBTQ issues like this, we’ll only have to wait a few more months for Black Panther, which will have an unmistakable nod to two female warriors’ relationship with each other in the World of Wakanda comics.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 2.

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