There are a few very solid reasons not to make another Joker, and approximately 1 billion reasons to do it. In the wake of Joker’s improbable financial success, everyone is clamoring for another movie — and by everyone, I mean the journalists who are writing articles about star Joaquin Phoenix and director Todd Phillips. Because they keep asking about it.

The latest such article comes in the Los Angeles Times, who put the notion of 2 Joke 2 R to Phillips in a new profile of Phoenix. Although he did not have anything to announce, Phillips also was pretty open to the idea of making a sequel:

Phillips makes it clear there is nothing in the works at the moment, but he’s not opposed to the idea of a sequel. ‘But it couldn’t just be this wild and crazy movie about the ‘Clown Prince of Crime,’ ’ he says. ‘It would have to have some thematic resonance in a similar way that this does. Because I think that’s ultimately why the movie connected, it’s what’s going on underneath. So many movies are about the spark, and this is about the powder. If you could capture that again in a real way, that would be interesting.’

If Phillips and Phoenix did make a “Clown Prince of Crime” Joker 2, fans would probably show up to that in even greater numbers than they would for another bleak character study. Warner Bros. probably doesn’t care what the sequel is; if they can put anything out called Joker 2 by Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix, you have to think they will do it.

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