Paul Verhoeven's 'Total Recall' is a modern classic, a blistering blend of bloody action, bizarre sci-fi concepts and hilarious satire. Len Wiseman's upcoming remake looks to be a completely different beast, a slick, modern action movie designed for a summer crowd. You can see for yourself when you check out the trailer below.

What's most interesting about this trailer is how it is recognizably the 'Total Recall' that we already know despite the fact that virtually everything about the film's world has been changed. Still, what's the point of a remake if it's the same thing produced over twenty years ago? If you want to get into the (potentially spoiler-y) nitty gritty, let's take a closer look at this thing...


Total Recall Trailer

One thing is immediately clear from the opening moments of the trailer: the future world in this version of 'Total Recall' is big and sprawling, which goes a long way to help us forgive the film for ditching the Mars setting. An industrial floating city with a hovercar highway looming over shantytown slums? 'Blade Runner' did it first, but when you borrow from other movies, you should definitely steal from the best.



In addition to 'Blade Runner,' you can definitely see some 'Minority Report' DNA in here. Will Wiseman utilize unique sci-fi locations for stunning action sequences in the same way that Spielberg did? Anyway, these comparisons all make perfect sense -- 'Total Recall,' 'Blade Runner' and 'Minority Report' are all based on stories written by Phillip K. Dick.


Rekall, the company that will implant an artificial memory into your mind in lieu of a real vacation of adventure, has gotten a total makeover from the original version. Gone is the plain, strip mall chiropractor look of the 1990 Rekall. In its place is a hip, slightly seedy locale with a distinctly Asian vibe.


Despite all of the major aesthetic changes, the main device itself is very similar to the original, albeit simplified and Apple'd up.


Here's our first look at the faceless baddies who will menace our profoundly confused hero throughout his journey. Can we safely presume that these guys will die by the hundreds?


When it comes to the role of Quaid, you couldn't find a more different performer from Arnold Schwarzenegger than Colin Farrell. While Arnold's transition from everyman to action hero felt inevitable, seeing an average (at least in Hollywood terms) fella transform into a deadly superspy with the flip of a switch should be an interesting journey.


Speaking of deadly super spy! It's unlikely that Wiseman's take on 'Total Recall' will match the blood splattering, limb-ripping, eye-bulging mayhem of Verhoeven's film, but it will certainly not be lacking in slick, digitally enhanced action.


Case in point: here's the aftermath of Quaid dispatching an entire team of armed men in one quick action scene. You've gotta' love just how baffled he is at his own abilities.


Here's Kate Beckinsale in the role of Lori, a role originally played by Sharon Stone. Although she starts the film as Quaid's seemingly loving wife, it's quickly revealed that she's actually a government assassin assigned to keep track of him. When he goes on the run, she becomes one of his main adversaries.



If there's one thing the new 'Total Recall' will not lack, it will be hovercar chases. Since the world is desperately lacking hovercar chases, this is terrific news.


Jessica Biel is only seen briefly in the trailer, but she's playing Melina, a sexy rebel and love interest for Quaid. Her version of the character appears to be a more modern and sophisticated, a far cry from the sexualized, rag tag freedom fighter played by Rachel Ticotin in the original.



It's a summer movie. You have to have a shot like this in your summer movie. It's Movie Law.



It wouldn't be a Len Wiseman movie unless there was a shot that contained Kate Beckinsale's posterior and an explosion.



That's Bill Nighy playing rebel leader Kuato. If you're familiar with the original film, you will instantly recognize how Nighy's version of the character differs significantly from the previous take. On a related note, this 'Total Recall' appears to be completely and totally mutant-free.


Farrell, Beckinsale, Biel, Nighy and...Bryan Cranston! Walter White himself plays the villainous Cohaagen, previously portrayed by Ronny Cox. Fans of 'Breaking Bad' know how exciting the prospect of seeing Cranston chew the evil scenery on the big screen truly is.


Here's one of the trailer's big moments: a plummeting hovercar completely wrecks a traditional car. Once again, further proof that Hollywood shouldn't neglect the awesomeness that is hovercars!


"If I'm not me, who the hell am I?" Schwarzenegger made this line an instant classic. Sorry, Colin Farrell, you're just living in big Austrian-tinged shadow right now.


One of the most famous moments in the original film gets a 21st century makeover here. Instead of the bizarre, unwieldy prosthetic that let Schwarzenegger's Quaid sneak through Martian customs, Farrell's Quaid is utilizing holographic tech that lets him shuffle through multiple identities.

Now that you've seen the trailer, what do you think? Blasphemy? A cool update on a familiar classic? Complete and total apathy? 'Total Recall' opens on August 3, 2012.