Ben Wheatley's 'Kill List' is one of the best films of the year, a brutal, mind-bending nightmare of a movie that takes the horror genre in a bold new direction. 'Sightseers' is his follow-up effort and it does for romantic comedies what 'Kill List' did for for horror movies: turns them inside out, rips them in half and bludgeons them over the head. In a good way, of course (read our review here). Although the film won't hit the United States until next year, a trailer for the film's British release has made its way online.

'Sightseers' was a smash hit at Sundance and Fantastic Fest and while it's a completely different film than 'Kill List,' it's obviously the creation of the same deranged mind. The trailer embedded below does a solid job of selling the film's more broad comedic elements, but it doesn't even hint at what makes the film truly special. Although 'Sightseers' is hilarious, it's also horrifying and bizarrely moving, managing to thoughtfully examine a romantic relationship where both partners aren't quite, er, sane. The film's deliberate pace allows for events to escalate quietly, so you barely notice how genuinely crazy things have gotten until it's too late.

Of course, you can't expect a trailer to sell the little details, but this is definitely one to keep on your radar. If you enjoyed 'Kill List,' you should put this one down as a must-see...and if you haven't seen 'Kill List,' you have some homework to do!

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