True Blood’ season six spurts out its fourth episode of the year, “At Last,” as Sookie, Jason and Niall uncover the true identity of the mysterious Warlow, while Eric makes a surprising proposition to Willa Burrell, and Sam attempts to protect Nicole from the pursuing werewolves out for blood.

Last week’s ‘True Blood’ episode, “You're No Good,” saw Sookie and the others continue to protect themselves from Warlow, while Eric kidnapped the Governor’s daughter in exchange for information, and Sam attempted to rescue Emma from the werewolves, so how does “At Last” keep the new season flowing? What will season six of ‘True Blood’ bring, now that “Billith” has risen?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘True Blood’ season six, episode four, “At Last”!

Sookie and Ben place the unconscious Jason on the couch, but when Sookie leaves the room to dial 9-1-1, Ben exposes his vampire fangs and doses Jason with his blood! Meanwhile, Nora explains to Niall that the vampire bible identifies Warlow as Lilith’s progeny, before Niall leaves her to be captured by patrolling humans of the Louisiana Vampire Task Force. Back at the Stackhouse residence, Jason awakens perfectly healthy, and Ben excuses himself to leave.

The Governor’s forces enter Ginger’s residence to find the vampires missing, while Eric and Pam catch up to Tara, demanding she reveal where she’d hidden Willa Burrell. Meanwhile, Terry Bellefleur remains uneasy around Andy’s faerie girls, who can hear from his thoughts that he’d killed Patrick. Andy tucks the girls in, but shortly after lights out, the four girls experience another growth spurt, and awaken as teenagers. The four borrow Arlene’s clothes and sneak out to party while they have youth, unaware they're being watched by Bill and Jessica.

Sookie finds a drop of blood near the couch, which reacts to faerie light in the same manner as Niall’s earlier samples. Meanwhile, Jessica introduces herself to the faerie girls as they attempt to buy alcohol, glamouring the clerk into forgetting about them, and leading the girls to Bill’s car for a night of partying. That evening, Jason has an erotic dream about Ben, and wakes up in confusion.

Bill preys on the faerie girls’ attempts at flirtation in order to obtain a sample of their blood, before taking the vials down to a captive Dr. Takahashi in the lab. Elsewhere, Eric finds Willa Burrell waiting at a fairground, and offers her the chance to truly help his kind by becoming a vampire herself, and showing her father they aren’t monsters. Willa agrees, and Eric prepares to sire her.

The next day out on the road, Eric and Lafayette help a wounded Nicole to escape from the pursuing werewolves, who have likely since killed all her friends. Sam sends Lafayette and Emma away, transforming into a horse the reveal the truth of shifters to Nicole before leading her away. Elsewhere, Sookie visits Ben at his hotel room and invites him to dinner that night as a thank-you for his help the previous night.

Jason finds Niall in the kitchen, and worries about the significance of his dream with Ben. Niall uses his abilities to see the dream, as Jason compares the effect to that of vampire blood, before both come to the conclusion that Ben could potentially be both a faerie and a vampire, with the powers of both. The pair take it on themselves to surprise Ben/Warlow at his hotel room, but quickly find themselves overpowered by Ben’s dual abilities. Ben glamours Jason into leaving and forgetting what they found, keeping an unconscious Niall behind to feed off.

While Sookie prepares her meal for Ben with colloidal silver, and Alcide sends the other werewolves off Nicole’s trail, Dr. Takahashi reveals to Bill that the special properties of faerie blood dissipate after a short amount of time, and likely can’t be replicated. Meanwhile, Eric treats Willa to her first feeding as a vampire, and commands her to return home to her father. Tara and Pam argue about Eric’s demanding behavior, sending Tara away just before the LAVTF takes Pam into custody.

Sarah Newlin assures Governor Burrell that they’ll soon find his daughter before security announces the girl has returned, and needs to be invited into the house. Governor Burrell recoils in horror at what Willa has become, despite her efforts to show him she hasn’t changed. Sarah urges the Governor to let his daughter go, but when Willa lunges for one of his open wounds, Sarah shoots her with a UV bullet. Meanwhile, Ben reveals to a captive Niall that he spared his life many years ago, and will do the same now, hurling the elderly faerie into the same bridge portal Warlow entered from.

While Sam and Nicole comfort one another physically in a hotel room, Ben shows up late for his dinner with Sookie, flowers in hand. Over dinner, Sookie reveals that her ex was a vampire who ultimately lied to her, and asks Ben what he truly wants from her, before the man answers that he feels they understand one another.

Tired of Bill’s house, the faerie girls all beg Jessica to let them leave, before their scent overwhelms the young vampire and she attacks the nearest one. Meanwhile, Andy and Jason interrogate the store clerk who failed to report that the girls had been seen there, before Andy learns that vampires can sniff out faerie blood, and speeds off in a huff. Bill hears screaming from upstairs, and finds Jessica sobbing over the bodies of the faerie girls.

Back at Sookie’s house, she and Ben start to get hot and heavy before Sookie creates a light bomb over his head, and reveals that she knows him to be Warlow.

Well, did we tell you, or what? We're glade that the "Ben is Warlow" reveal didn't flounder through the entire season in the way 'Dexter''s sixth year so poorly hid its own "big bad" twist, but it's hard to know for certain if 'True Blood' earnestly expected genuine surprise at the notion. Revelations aside, the notion that faeries can become vampires certainly adds an intriguing wrinkle to the mythology, one which we look forward to see explored in coming episodes.

Equally applause-worthy is the episode's ability to dovetail Andy's faerie children -- perhaps the most extraneous story of season five -- into the narrative with Bill's efforts to "save" the vampire race. Season six may yet prove its mettle further should it manage to bring Sam's werewolf story back into the brew, for it's now lagging among the least interesting storylines.

As many came to expect, Eric indeed sired young Willa Burrell, further deepening the antagonism between he and Governor Burrell, who himself has been revealed under the influence of Sarah Newlin. We can definitely appreciate how 'True Blood' has been amping up human involvement over the course of the season, and improving its narrative connections, especially now that "At Last" managed to turn an otherwise-clumsy reveal into an engaging mystery.

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