The fifth season of ‘True Blood' practically has us in a bloody puddle on the floor, as Russell Edgington is once again on the loose, and more and more supernatural factions seem to complicate matters, as in last week’s “Hopeless.” So before ‘True Blood’ gushes out its seventh episode “In the Beginning” this Sunday, July 22, how would you like an early taste?

With Sookie drawn deeper into the world of the Faeries, and deposed King Russell Edgington freed from his shackles and taking out his vengeance on the Vampire Authority, ‘True Blood’ season five has hit the halfway mark and left a bloody trail of corpses in its wake. But with Bill and Eric once more confronted by the deadly former king while Sookie seeks out her origin, how are we supposed to deal with the wait until Sunday’s “In the Beginning?” With new clips, of course!

The first look at Sunday’s episode below sees Sookie finding a disturbance in her force as she learns the limit of her Faerie powers. The question stands, What happens if she runs out of magical energy entirely? Yep,that's really a question asked on this series.

The second clip from “In the Beginning” sees Sam putting his nose to the grindstone as he and the Bon Temps Sheriff's department continue investigating the mysterious Obama-masked Shifter murders, hot on the trail of whoever pumped a bullet into his gut weeks prior.

The third and final clip (aren't they thoughtful?) is the most action-packed of the three, as we see the immediate aftermath of Russell staking poor Roman (we'll miss you, boo), when the Vampire Authority goes into lockdown mode!

Watch the clips below, be sure to catch ‘True Blood’ season 5′s seventh episode “In the Beginning” this Sunday on HBO, and let us know what you think in the comments!