June has arrived, and you know what that means!  We're just nine days away from the season premiere of 'True Blood,' baring its fangs on Sunday, June 10 on HBO.  But because we all know how much waiting sucks, how would you like to soften the blow with three fresh clips from season premiere "Turn!  Turn! Turn!" to sing your teeth into?

Debuting on Sunday, June 10, 'True Blood' season 5 has plenty of questions to answer even if the witches of yesteryear are dead and buried.  For one, what will Bill and Eric do having staged a vicious coup on the Vampire Authority by killing Nan Flanagan?  Cleaning up would be a start!  And what will Alcide do now that the concrete he poured on Russell Edgington's tomb has been broken through?  Certainly not run right to Sookie, after he embarrassingly declared himself last season!

Perhaps most intriguing of all, what's the deal with Terry's former Marine commander Patrick, played by 'Felicity's Scott Foley?  Could the human military have something sinister planned for the supernatural population of Bon Temps, Louisiana?

Three fresh clips have emerged from 'True Blood's fifth season premiere 'Turn!  Turn!  Turn!," and while plenty of questions still remain, these sneak peeks are our best taste yet of all the bloodthirsty action we've been missing.  Check out all three below, and tell us in the comments what you're most looking forward to about 'True Blood' season 5!