Season 5 of ‘True Blood‘ has us desperately trying to keep our wits about, as danger lurks at every turn and civil war rages between humans and vampires, putting poor Sookie and her Faerie blood right smack in the middle, just as we saw in last Sunday ’s “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” So before ‘True Blood’ feasts on its tenth episode “Gone, Gone, Gone” this Sunday, August 5, how would you like even more clips from the ante-penultimate episode?

With Sookie keeping her guard up from inside the home, and Bill aligning himself with Russell and the  Vampire Authority under the godly Lilith, ‘True Blood’ season five has enemies on all sides as we prepare for the endgame.   But with seemingly no one to protect her, while Jason and Jessica try to mend their friendship,  how are we supposed to stay thirsty until Sunday’s “Gone, Gone, Gone?” We've already seen one clip, so how about two more?

In the second look at Sunday's all new episode "Gone, Gone, Gone" Sookie tensely sits down to dinner with a gun by her side, before a knock at the door interrupts her.  Is the visitor friendly, looking to harm her or not what he or she seems altogether?  Who will protect Sookie now that everyone seems otherwise occupied?

Meanwhile, the third look at Sunday's episode features Jason running into Jessica at a seemingly abandoned Merlotte's, both there to meet others, before Hoyt shows up to make things awkward.  Could reconciliation be in the air for all three?

Watch the clips below, check out the photos underneath, and be sure to catch ‘True Blood’ season 5′s tenth episode “Gone, Gone, Gone” this Sunday on HBO!  Let us know what you think in the comments!