Only two episodes remain in 'True Blood' season 6 (thanks to Anna Paquin's pregnancy with Stephen Moyer, though the case looks to repeat next year), but it seems HBO couldn't resist one last bloody good trailer for the final hours of the season. Prayers are prayed, vampires get burned and Eric daywalks in the final badass trailer for 'True Blood' season 6!

Though much of the footage owes to next Sunday's episode, "Life Matters," we couldn't help but notice at least a few spoilery scoops from the footage presented above. For one, it seems at least one vampire will indeed burn to a crisp in the white room, as per Billith's vision, but our favorites seem to share later scenes in other rooms, suggesting the premonition won't completely come to pass.

In fact, it looks as if feeding off someone (presumably Eric) allows the white room vamps to survive their sunlight stroll, but considering we also see Eric fly away from the facility, don't put all your money on the Viking vamp becoming a permanent bloodbath just yet. Elsewhere, Sarah Newlin looks to be in trouble, while the guns present at Terry's funeral have all of us a bit on edge. And where's Warlow in all of this, we wonder?

The beginning of the end comes this Sunday with "Life Matters," so check out the final 'True Blood' season 6 trailers above and below, and give us your predictions for the final hours in the comments!

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