John Candy was John Hughes' favorite actor and appeared in eight of the late writer/director's films, although often in smaller roles. But Candy was the undisputed star of the Hughes' comedy 'Uncle Buck,' which was a box office hit in 1989.

The film also featured Macaulay Culkin in his first major role. See what the cast of 'Uncle Buck' are up to these days below.

John Candy, Uncle Buck

John Candy Uncle Buck

Then: John Candy played the title character in 'Uncle Buck,' a last-resort babysitter whose rough edges initially obscure his big heart. The film capped off an extremely successful decade of blockbuster comedies for the Canadian actor.

Now: Sadly Candy passed away in 1994 at age 43. The funnyman scored one final post-'Uncle Buck' hit with the Olympic-inspired tropical bobsledding movie 'Cool Runnings.' He's pictured here in 'Canadian Bacon,' his last film role.

Macaulay Culkin, Miles

Macaulay Culkin

Then: While 'Uncle Buck' wasn't quite Macaulay Culkin's film debut, it was more or less his big introduction. And movie audiences just couldn't get enough of the tyke, who went on to become the biggest child star we've seen since Shirley Temple thanks to the 'Home Alone' films.

Now: Culkin's most impressive adult achievement has probably been his nine year relationship with actress Mila Kunis, which ended in 2011. When he does act, he turns up in films like 'Party Monster' and in voiceover roles on 'Robot Chicken.' Mostly though he's just made a profession of looking gaunt and bedraggled in paparazzi photos of late.

Jean Louisa Kelly, Tia

Jean Louisa Kelly
Universal/Getty Images

Then: That was Jean Louisa Kelly as moody teenager Tia, who locked horns with Buck. It was her screen debut and she followed it up by attending college at Columbia University.

Now: Kelly is most famous for playing Kim on the CBS sitcom 'Yes, Dear,' which actually ran six seasons. She will be one of the leads in the upcoming film '1000 to 1' and voices Natalie Breez on the animated series 'Hero Factory.'

Gaby Hoffman, Maizy

Gaby Hoffman Uncle Buck
Universal/Getty Images

Then: Gaby Hoffman played little sister Maizy, one of the first in a long line of precocious tykes in John Hughes' films. That same year she had made her film debut in 'Field of Dreams.'

Now: The Manhattan born-and-raised actress is set to star in the film 'Manhattan Romance.' She'll also be joining the Kickstarter-funded 'Veronica Mars' movie.

Garrett M. Brown, Bob Russell

Garrett M Brown

Then: The role of the Russell family dad went to Garrett M. Brown, who later starred as John Whitsig on the NBC drama 'Sisters.'

Now: It's been more than 20 years since 'Uncle Buck' and Brown is still playing dads. You may remember him as the concerned father in 'Kick Ass,' a role he is expected to reprise in that film's sequel.

Elaine Bromka, Cindy Russell

Elaine Bromka
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Then: Russell family mom and Buck skeptic Cindy was the work of Elaine Bromka, who had only appeared in a handful of TV shows prior to getting cast in 'Uncle Buck.'

Now: For the last eight years, Bromka has been touring the country with her one woman show 'Tea For Three' (pictured above), in which she shows off her versatility by playing former first ladies Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon and Betty Ford.

Jay Underwood, Bug

Jay Underwood
Universal/Getty Images

Then: Jay Underwood played Tia's boyfriend Bug, who Buck makes pay dearly for his sleazy ways. Underwood had been a much more sympathetic character in his breakout role as the star of 1986's 'The Boy Who Could Fly.'

Now: These days Underwood is the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Weaverville, California, so he probably wouldn't have approved much of Bug's behavior either. His last screen credit is the 2009 Christian film 'No Greater Love.'

Amy Madigan, Chanice

Amy Madigan
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Then: Buck's very tolerant girlfriend Chanice Kobolowski was portrayed by Amy Madigan, who had come into prominence after an Oscar-nominated turn in 1985's 'Twice in a Lifetime.'

Now: Madigan will be in the Kristen Bell summer movie 'The Lifeguard.' In addition to her impressive resume of character roles, there's also her 30-year marriage to actor Ed Harris.

Laurie Metcalf, Marcie

Laurie Metcalf

Then: You probably remember Laurie Metcalf as Marcie Dahlgren-Frost, the Russell's nosy neighbor. Metcalf was already into her three-time-Emmy-winning run as Jackie on 'Roseanne' when 'Uncle Buck' came out.

Now: While Metcalf has been more of a stage actor of late (she recently appeared in an acclaimed production of 'Long Day's Journey Into Night'), she'll return to the screen in the upcoming TV movie 'Getting On.'

Dennis Cockrum, Pal

Dennis Cockrum Uncle Buck
Universal/Getty Images

Then: That was Dennis Cockrum as bowling alley creeper Pal in 'Uncle Buck.' He reprised the role (although the character was renamed "Skank") in the short-lived 'Uncle Buck' sitcom. (Yes, there was an 'Uncle Buck' sitcom.)

Now: Cockrum takes creepiness to a far more psychotic level as bad neighbor Terry Milkovich on the Showtime series 'Shameless.'

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