If there are two things that Hollywood seems to love nowadays more than anything else, they’re reboots and musicals. Star Wars, Godzilla, King Kong, Harry Potter and the like are in a maelstrom of reboot/sequel fever, while Sing Street, London Road, and La La Land are just a few of recent movie-musicals poised to reignite the big-screen genre. The latest to get the reboot treatment is 1983’s Valley Girl, which starred Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman in a romantic teen comedy loosely based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The musi-boot reboosical has just acquired Rachel Lee Goldenberg to direct.

Deadline reports that Goldenberg (Funny or Die, Lifetime’s A Deadly Adoption) has joined the project, which before had commercial director Clay Weiner attached before Goldenberg took over. The movie has a script by Amy Talkington and is in early stages of pre-production, with no casting news announced yet.

Valley Girl was a comedic sendup of the valley girl trend of the ’80s about a girl from the San Fernando Valley who falls in love with a punk rocker from Hollywood. It was originally conceived as a teen exploitation film, filmed on a shoestring budget and featuring songs by Bonnie Hayes, Modern English, and the Payolas, not to mention singlehandedly launching the career of Nicolas Cage. The MGM studio made bank throughout the 20th century in Hollywood financing classic musicals like Singin’ in the Rain, That’s Entertainment, and The Wizard of Oz, so could this mean a Hollywood musical rebirth? With all these movies coming out about Hollywood’s Golden Age (Hail, Caesar!, Rules Don’t Apply) maybe we’re ready for another one.

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