[Ed. note: Skip to the 2:15 mark for Vin talking about bringing the ex-Starbreeze devs back together for a new 'Riddick' video game.]

Vin Diesel always imagined a Riddick trilogy - a franchise based off the cult success of 2000's 'Pitch Black.' The success of 'The Fast and the Furious' one year later would allow Diesel the chance to make that happen. In 2004, Universal released 'The Chronicles of Riddick,' an ambitious sci-fi project meant to create a massive new mythology and turn Riddick into the next great Hollywood hero. Only the film never caught on.

Despite a $120 million budget, 'Chronicles of Riddick' grossed only $55 million and the prospects of seeing the 'Riddick' trilogy come to its planned conclusion seemed unlikely. But, as the years wore on, Diesel would not give up on his plans for a follow-up and this Friday sees the long-awaited release of 'Riddick.' We caught up with Diesel to talk about why it took 10 years to get this movie made, why he's happy it didn't happen sooner and how 'Fast and Furious' helped make it all happen.

'Riddick' opens in theaters on September 6.

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