Vin Diesel has expressed a desire to share information about his new 'Riddick' movie with the fans first, and it appears he is living up to that promise by posting yet another brand new photo of himself in character online.

Diesel posted a shot from the film online previously, but has now put up another new photo of himself in full Riddick garb on Facebook, giving fans their own little exclusive without things like pesky publicists and studio handlers getting in the way.

The actor also posted some info on the movie below the pic, writing, "You know I like to let you in on things, even before Hollywood knows...Last night I was invited in to the editing room, to see the first cut of the new Riddick...WOW!!! P.s. I was so affected/excited... I couldn't sleep. GRRRR!!!"

'Riddick,' the third film in the series following the cult hit 'Pitch Black' and the less well received 'The Chronicles of Riddick,' has been a passion project for Diesel and writer/director David Twohy. The road to get the movie made -- which included being passed over by Universal, getting independent financing, and then scoring a distribution deal with Universal in the end -- has been a long one, and since we like rooting for the underdog, we hope that the quest pays off in success for the filmmakers.

Plus we want to see Riddick in action again! The earliest we'll get to do that is January 2013, but an official release date has yet to be nailed down. In the meantime, check out the photo below.