Back in August, Vin Diesel revealed that he’s returning to the xXx franchise (for some crazy reason), and that filming would potentially begin this December. The actor has backtracked on that just a little — while he’s not sure when the sequel will begin shooting, he does know who will be behind the camera.

While speaking with iO9, Diesel said Disturbia and Eagle Eye director D.J. Caruso will helm xXx 3, though he’s not sure if it will film before or after Furious 8:

I’m excited as hell about XXX. D.J. Caruso is directing it, which is exciting. The big question now is which will race to production first now that F. Gary Gray is on [Furious 8]? Will XXX race to production first or will Fast race to production first?

Furious 8 currently has an April 14, 2017 release date, and Gray just signed on to direct the sequel this week, so there is still time to film xXx 3 before Furious 8 heads into production.

xXx hit theaters in 2002, featuring Diesel in the role of Xander Cage, an extreme sports enthusiast / secret agent. Diesel was replaced by Ice Cube in the sequel in 2005, but recently announced that he’s returning for the third film, which confused some fans as xXx is hardly an exciting property and is considered one of the lesser Diesel films.

The actor has found great success in the Fast and Furious franchise, but has struggled to find the same measure of success in his other outings. He appears next in The Last Witch Hunter, which looks like a good deal of fun, but hardly seems like a hit, and his decision to return to xXx seems like an iffy one at best.

But Vin Diesel’s gonna Vin Diesel, so this movie is happening — whether it shoots later this year or sometime after Furious 8.