Divisive Showtime drama The Affair has a bit to prove in its second season, and isn’t going to wait for its October premiere. Rather than airing on October 4 with Season 5 of Homeland, The Affair has released its full Season 2 premiere to YouTube over a week ahead of schedule.

For those just catching on, Season 2 will continue the mystery of Scotty Lockhart (Arrow star Colin Donnell)’s murder across multiple timelines, while incorporating Joshua Jackson’s Cole and Maura Tierney’s Helen into the perspectives as well. The second run’s premiere picks up in the aftermath of present Noah (Dominic West) and Alison (Ruth Wilson) facing criminal charges for Scotty’s death.

As to new cast, Pretty Little Liars star Miranda Rae Mayo will play a new love interest for Joshua Jackson’s Cole, while Joanna Gleason and Richard Schiff also count themselves among the ensemble. Gleason will play the editor of a well-known publisher, while Schiff will take the role of Bruce (Gotham star John Doman)’s attorney Jon Gottlief.

It’s definitely worth catching up on, confusing as the different perspectives can be, but take a look at the Season 2 premiere above, before next week.

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