What if... Marvel released a new show daily instead of weekly?

We’re about to find out. The new season of What If...? is here, and Marvel is doing something totally different with this new batch of animated Marvel adventures set in some of the weirder corners of the multiverse. The premiere is available today, December 22, on Disney+. And each of the season’s remaining episodes will premiere daily between now and December 30.

That’s correct. On Christmas Day, you’ll have to tell your family “Sorry guys. I can’t open presents right now. I need to go watch today’s episode of What If...?

The season premiere this time out is titled “What If... Nebula Joined the Nova Corps?” and features the voice of Karen Gillan, along with fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe stars Jude Law, Michael Rooker, Seth Green, and Taika Waititi. Jeffrey Wright also returns this year as the voice of the Watcher, the mystical cosmic being who observes all the myriad alternate realities of the Marvel multiverse, and narrates the series.

WHAT IF...?, Season 2

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The rest of this season of What If...? includes episodes built around Peter Quill turning evil and attacking the Avengers, an episode set in the 1602 Marvel Universe from comics, a show where Hela finds the Ten Rings instead of Shang-Chi, and the returns of two popular characters from the first season of What If...?: Captain Carter (a Peggy Carter from a world where she becomes Captain America, or Britain I guess, instead of Steve Rogers) and Strange Supreme, the evil variant of Dr. Strange who becomes consumed with collecting power as a means of undoing a tragedy.

You can watch the premiere of What If...? Season 2 on Disney+ right now. Each new episode follows daily.

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