With Damon Lindelof at the helm and a cast that includes Regina King, Tim Blake Nelson and Don Johnson (among others), it’s difficult to deny the appeal of a new take on Watchmen — no matter how beloved Alan Moore’s original graphic novel remains. Today brings yet another reason to get excited for Lindelof’s continuation of the classic comic, as Jeremy Irons has also signed on for the HBO pilot, which is currently filming in Georgia.

Deadline reports that Irons has joined the cast of Watchmen, which also stars Louis Gossett Jr., Adelaide Clemens and Andrew Howard. Details on Irons’ character have yet to be revealed, but the report claims that the actor, who most recently appeared in Red Sparrow and Justice League, is playing “an aging and imperious lord of a British Manor” — so he’s playing himself, then. OK.

The new HBO series isn’t a straight adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel, but, as Lindelof describes it, a “remix” that will continue the story with new and familiar characters in a modern setting that allows for exploration of current social and political themes. Lindelof recently shared an open letter with longtime fans of Watchmen, many of whom were unhappy with the prospect of another take on the material — particularly since Moore himself is against his works being adapted.

In that letter, Lindelof detailed his lengthy relationship with Watchmen — both as a fan and as the show runner behind the new TV series. Lindelof revealed that he’s turned down the opportunity to adapt the comic on more than one occasion; like most fans, he feels as though Moore and Gibbons’ work is sacred.

So his “remix” approach, which views Watchmen more as a jumping-off point, seems like the best possible route. And after gifting us with something as stunning and poignant as The Leftovers, he has my full confidence.

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