Well, we already know when our favorite serial killer 'Dexter' is set to make his season 7 return, along with the CIA drama of 'Homeland' but what exactly are we supposed to do until the end of September? Watch brand new seasons of drug-dealing comedy 'Weeds' and meta British adaptation humor 'Episodes?' Don't mind if we do!

The latest press release from Showtime points out exactly when we can check out further adventures of the Botwin clan and Joey, er...Matt LeBlanc when their comedy slate begins this summer.  You can check out the first of thirteen new half-hours for season 8 of 'Weeds', as well as the first of nine half-hours for season 2 of 'Episodes' this summer, July 8 at 10:00 and 10:30 p.m. on Showtime.

When last we left 'Weeds,' the dramedy had taken us three years past the sixth season to the end of Nancy's prison term, where she re-launched her business in New York City and fought for custody of her son from her sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh).  Details on the forthcoming season are light, but given season 7 ended with a literal bang, surely the 'Weeds' premiere will address just which of the Botwins took a bullet, and precisely who pulled the trigger.

In the coming nine-episode season of 'Episodes, 'things pick up four months later with Sean (Stephen Mangan) and Beverly (Tamsin Greig) no longer living together, while forced into an awkward working relationship with Matt, as 'Pucks!' goes to full-blown series. Beverly struggles to save her marriage while Matt tries to keep his “bromance” with Sean, as all of them work to save 'Pucks!' when its ratings start to plummet.

Will you watch 'Episodes' when it returns, or has your guilty pleasure always been 'Weeds.'  Is it time for the Mary-Louise Parker to go up in smoke after the upcoming season?  Check them out on Sunday, July 8, and let us know what you'll be watching this summer in the comments below!