Who got smoked?  It's the question we're seeing plastered all around town, and the one we've been asking ourselves ever since 'Weeds' seventh season finale "Do Her/Don't Do Her" put Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) in the crosshairs, before cutting ominously to black with a bang.  So, how would you like a fresh crop of spoilers in advance of 'Weeds' eighth, and final season?

Thanks to Showtime, we now have official descriptions of the first five episodes of the forthcoming final season of 'Weeds,' set to premiere on July 1.  The identity of that mysterious shooter on the grassy knoll isn't explicitly revealed, but it's still the most we've had to go on since last year's season finale.

If you don't want any part of 'Weeds' season 8 spoiled, stop reading immediately!


In the Season 8 premiere, an emotional Andy and Jill reignite their inappropriate romance and Shane tells Silas that he¿s enrolled at the police academy. Meanwhile, Doug and Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) share an awkward moment. The identities of the shooter and who got smoked are revealed.


Andy makes his intentions known to Jill. Doug is presented with an enticing investment opportunity. While Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) recuperates, Silas helps her with a new business venture. Shane figures out who shot his mother.


Andy coaches the twins' roller derby team in an effort to impress Jill. Doug takes control of his financial future after being forced to resign from Vehement. With Shane hot on Tim's trail, Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) and Silas race to stop him.


Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker), concerned that she's losing touch with Stevie, plans a daytrip to the zoo but gets sidetracked when a potential deal goes up in smoke. Silas adjusts to Shane's new position of authority, Demetri re-emerges and Doug engages in a bizarre nighttime activity.


Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) enrolls Stevie in soccer and, after seeing how happy he is, makes a life-altering decision. Jill becomes addicted to extreme couponing while Andy skates into the arms of another woman. Later, Silas learns a hard lesson and Shane takes it to the next level with Angela.

What say you?  Do you have it figured out who took the bullet, and who gave it?  'Weeds' returns to the air on July 1, so tell us in the comments what you've pieced together and what you think!