Westworld will take us into the enigmatic “Shogun World” tonight, and has already clued us into a third park with last week’s visit to the Indian-themed “The Raj.” By virtue of math, that leaves three whole parks currently unidentified, and potentially in the midst of their own robot uprisings. There are great guesses around that – the 1973 film featured Roman World and Medieval World, with subsequent sequels adding “Futureworld” and even “Spa World.”

These are not those guesses. Instead, ScreenCrush editor E. Oliver Whitney and writer Kevin Fitzpatrick bring you either the most incredibly stupid Westworld parks imaginable, or possibly the most brilliant. Considering this is a show where Hosts poop and robot snakes clean it up, we’re inclined to believe the latter. Three mysterious new worlds to go – are these them?

Westworld Season 2 continues this Sunday, and may yet reveal the next three parks.

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