Westworld ambitiously sought to weave its first season across multiple timelines as an in-depth examination of robot consciousness, understandably leaving little room to answer every mundane question about the park. That said, producers promise Season 2 will show a bit more of the guests’ perspective, perhaps finally answering our burning questions.

You’re warned of full spoilers through Westworld Season 1 from here on out, but whatever year through which we glimpsed the park, logistical questions were bound to arise. Where do guests actually sleep? Is there currency within the park? Are children protected from adult content, or harm in ways older guests are not?

We could spend days obsessing as such, but according to TVLine’s chat with executive producer Jonathan Nolan, Season 2 may actually show us some of those minor details, at least before the robots fully take over:

We talked a lot about how the experience would feel for a contemporary guest going into the park. We laid out a lot of that logic in the writers’ room … it didn’t feel appropriate to spend too much time illuminating how unreal this place is, because the hosts believe in it so much up until that horrifying moment when they realize that it’s an artificial world. So we didn’t get bogged down in it.

[We'll] spend a little bit more time next season shining a light on those aspects of the park — what does it feel like to come to it as a guest? — just a little bit before the mayhem starts.

Hopefully, said exploration will at least answer the park’s physical location, considering that finale references to “the mainlaind” didn’t exactly clear things up. Feel free to skip the intimate details of host sanitation, though.

Stay tuned for the latest on Westworld Season 2, coming in 2018.

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