It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Westworld represents a significant investment for HBO, especially after a string of high-profile, low-yield projects. We don’t yet have an official greenlight for Season 2, but producers are already getting their ducks in a row to flesh out Westworld’s future.

Even as Season 1 reportedly shut down production to plot out a full five seasons ahead, Westworld bosses revealed at New York Comic-Con that writers had already begun plotting more specific ideas for Season  2 “We’re currently breaking the second season,” co-creator Jonathan Nolan claimed. “I tend to have a problem stopping [my writing].”

Nolan also addressed the question of whether or not we’d see other parks going forward, something production designers claimed was likely earmarked for Season 2. At the very least, Nolan flatly denied that the “Roman World” or “Medieval World” from the 1973 film would be seen, without discrediting other potential theme parks.

There’s plenty more to see in the first season alone, but what might Westworld look like by the time HBO has officially ordered Season 2? Surely an operation of this magnitude won’t simply continue business as usual, right?

If that weren’t enough, check out another “weeks ahead” trailer:

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