Another Westworld week, another hour bound to break your break brain by its many twists, but at least one immutable truth arrives next week: the end of Season 1. See for yourself, as narratives start to align in the season finale trailer of “The Bicameral Mind.”

You’re warned of current Westworld spoilers (our review is forthcoming) from here on out, but it looks like the robot uprising is in full swing by next week’s “The Bicameral Mind” finale. Not only is Maeve dressed for the occasion (and recruiting a few new Hosts along the way), but Dolores and William the Man in Black will finally get their rematch as well.

Will Season 1 finally answer all its big timeline and identity questions, or spare a few stray mysteries for Season 2? What does Season 2 even look like, if the Hosts are finally starting to break free from Ford’s control and leave the park? Will we ever see Bernard, Stubbs or Elsie (still holdin’ out hope, guys) again?

Stay tuned for more on tonight’s big Westworld reveals, as well as next week’s maddening finale.

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