It was one of the biggest social media events of 2017. Hundreds of wealthy kids (and plenty of online “influencers”) headed to the Bahamas for what was billed as the music festival experience of a lifetime. Instead, those that came found a massive disaster. The Fyre Festival was supposed to live up to its name, but it wound up looking more like the poop emoji instead.

The whole sordid saga is chronicled in Fyre, a new documentary from director Chris Smith, who previously made films like American Movie and Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond. It’s billed as an “exclusive behind the scenes” look at the Fyre Festival and the people who made it, including founder Billy McFarland and hip hop artist Ja Rule. The movie includes footage of the preparations for this once-in-a-generation event (I mean there will definitely never be another Fyre Fesitval) and interviews with the people who put on the festival (or tried to anyway), along with footage of the disaster that greeted the people who attended, and their own memories of the infamous weekend.

Fyre premieres on Netflix on January 18. When it’s live, you can watch it at this link. It’s all the fun of witnessing a massive disaster of epic proportions from the comfort of your living room. To really get in the mood, try watching it tonight with a nice cheese sandwich on plain, untoasted bread.

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