Chapter 21 of The Mandalorian, “The Pirate,” ended on a huge cliffhanger: Moff Gideon, the Imperial baddie who had been obsessed with Grogu and wielded the Darksaber, had been taken from the New Republic transport ship that was taking him to trial. The X-wing pilot investigating his disappearance — Gideon still hasn’t appeared yet this season, although he’s been mentioned several times — said the evidence on the derelict ship pointed to him being taken by Mandalorians.

But why? Or, if Moff Gideon is framing the Mandalorians to make them look like they were at fault, why would he do that? Our theories around all of this are the subject of our latest Star Wars video, which looks at the end of “The Pirate” for clues of the real culprits, and explains how Moff Gideon’s escape could be connected to characters we’ve already seen this season hanging out on Coruscant, who appear to be starting the First Order from the Star Wars sequel trilogy before our very eyes. Watch the video below:

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