We were disappointed, if not altogether unsurprised, to learn that FX's 'Wilfred' would make the fourth season its last with a final run on FXX, though it seems the Elijah Wood-and Jason Gann-adapted comedy will at least go out barking. Check out a first look at 'Wilfred' season 4 as Ryan's talking dog pal announces that the end is nigh!

However brief, the first look at the surreal 'Wilfred''s fourth and final season sees Wilfred's canine intuition toward the imminent end acting up, manifesting in Ryan's mind as the stock doomsday "the end is near" protest. Moving to FXX, the fourth and final season will take place over 10 episodes, down from the 13 of previous years, though departed showrunner David Zucker will return to helm the dramedy's final year after co-showrunners Eli Jorne and Reed Agnew stepped up for Zucker's season 3 absence.

Despite such guest stars as ‘Dexter‘ vet James Remar playing Ryan's (Wood's) father, ‘30 Rock‘ star Kristen Schaal as Ryan’s roommate, and returning guest stars Mary Steenburgen and Chris Klein, the third season finale drew approximately 440,000 viewers, down from its premiere high of 650,000. Previously, the 2011 premiere debuted to approximately 2.55 million viewers.

The third season finale left quite a few mythology questions to be answered, but what do you think? Does the first look at 'Wilfred' season 4 look promising? How do you hope to see the series resolved over the final 10 episodes? Watch the first teaser trailer above, and give us your predictions in the comments!

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