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Mr. Robot is the greatest television show that has ever been made.

I will not hear otherwise: I have tried over the years to get people into the show, and most people just shrug their shoulders and get on watching whatever it is they watch.

That is the way of the world in 2021.

When you talk about shows that are award-winning, and maybe have the potential to win awards, as odds on favorites with the bettors and betting websites or as underdogs (oh yeah, you can bet on award shows), I always look to Sam Esmail’s masterclass that was shown on the USA Network.

But many of my other top shows won many awards as well.

Here would be a list of my favorite shows of all time.

  1. Mr. Robot
  2. The Wire
  3. The Sopranos
  4. Rick & Morty
  5. The X-Files
  6. Narcos

Obviously, that list is subject to personal taste, although it is correct.

Will there ever be a show like any of the above? Probably not: all were/are moments of time that can only be recaptured through the glory of streaming, something that is much easier than buying gigantic box sets of VHS tapes or DVDs.

Esmail has a few big projects in the works right now. The first is a reboot of the classic science fiction show Battlestar Galactica, which could be a smash hit with the producer behind the project. He is also working on a show called The American Throne, which is set in an alternate version of American History.   

Of course, neither will be anything like Mr. Robot, just like Homecoming was not. For me, there will never be another character that reaches the depth that Elliot Alderson did.

Will either of these two shows win any awards in the future?

The show won many honors in its first season, with Rami Malek as Alderson, along with Christian Slater, Carly Chaikin, Portia Doubleday, B.D. Wong, and the rest of the cast. It was a truly groundbreaking show from Esmail and company.

I would not bet against Esmail developing something that could win an award in the future.

My only hope is that it is a reboot of Mr. Robot, maybe with Darlene and Leon running amok all across Manhattan. Although, I would truly give up a lot to see what the real Elliot Alderson is up to these days.

So when you look at this list for the upcoming Emmy Awards on September 19, which shows should you back to win?

Is it going to be Gillian Anderson (The Crown, and long ago of The X-Files) for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series as British Gambler suggests? What about Jason Sudekis as the Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for Ted Lasso, a show that has already won so many awards?

Both might be worth a shot.

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