Following the recent announcement that Warner Bros. has hired the awesomely talented Michelle MacLaren to direct the first ‘Wonder Woman’ solo film, we also learned that the studio was close to hiring ‘Pan’ screenwriter Jason Fuchs to pen the script. But now it seems that Fuchs may not be the only screenwriter on the project (if he’s still involved at all): rumor has it that WB has hired a total of six writers to deliver six different scripts. Stop scratching your head so much, you’ll make a bald spot.

seemingly corroborated by Badass Digest’s Devin Faraci, who responded that he’s heard that WB is planning to “merge” the scripts—basically, they would cherry pick the best parts of some or all of the scripts and consolidate them into one master script. It’s unclear if Fuchs has been hired as one of the six writers, but according to Amel, WB’s plans to merge the scripts might not be entirely legal.

Honestly, this isn’t terribly surprising, as WB previously hired two writers to pen two different scripts at the same time for ‘Aquaman.’ Rather than inspiring a bit of competition that might produce better scripts, it seems like maybe their plan with ‘Aquaman’ could be the same as their plan with ‘Wonder Woman’: combine the best parts of both scripts into a singular, better screenplay.

On the one hand, perhaps we should be glad that WB is taking ‘Wonder Woman’ so seriously that they feel the need to tap six different writers at once, ensuring they get the best script possible for what will be the first solo female superhero film since (sorry for bringing it up) ‘Elektra.’

On the other hand, regardless of legality, what WB is doing—if true—is ethically questionable. MacLaren wasn’t just hired to direct the film, but also to develop the project alongside whoever WB hired to write the screenplay. If this report is legitimate, it makes me wonder if MacLaren doesn’t have as much control over the script as previously assumed.

We’ll keep you posted if and when we learn more about ‘Wonder Woman,’ which is set to hit theaters on June 23, 2017—more than enough time for WB to hire 10 more writers if they want.