There’s really nothing worse than a bad comedy. When a drama falls apart, it’s certainly an unfortunate state of affairs. When a horror movie isn’t scary, it can be a bummer, but it can also be quite amusing in the right context. When a comedy goes south, that is quite literally a tragedy — for the filmmakers as well as the viewers. There is no silence like the silence in a movie theater during a comedy that isn’t working. That is the quietest place on Earth; a true vacuum of joy.

The comedies whose silences have echoed the loudest throughout history is the subject of today’s list here at ScreenCrush. These are the least funny (and most painful to endure) film comedies ever made. Every movie’s creative success or failure is in the eyes of the beholder, but comedy is especially subjective. So if one of these movies made you laugh, more power to you. If you can find laughter in a screening of Carrot Top’s Chairman of the Board, that’s great! Honestly, I almost envy you. (Almost. If you’re regularly watching Chairman of the Board for kicks, I do not envy you.)

Personally, I would not force these 50 motion pictures on my worst enemy. But again, to each his or her own. Ranked in personal order from almost sort of watchable to pure cinematic misery, here are 50 of the worst film comedies ever released.

The Worst Comedies Ever Made

Cinema has brought laughter to generations of moviegoers. In these cases, though, the laughs were on the paying customers.
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