The 2018 Golden Raspberry Award nominations are a collection of bad movies and worse choices. The “Razzies” are supposed to torch the crummiest movies of the year, and while 2018’s batch of nominees include a few films that definitely qualify for that dubious distinction (The Emoji MoviePirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales), there are also quite a few stinkers that were totally overlooked, including GeostormThe Snowman, and the awesomely good-bad The Book of Henry. (Seriously: The Razzies not giving a single nomination to The Book of Henry would be like if the Oscars just went “Lady Bird? What’s that?”) In their place were a bunch of not-so-terrible to kind-of-good movies, including one mother of a head-scratcher: Jennifer Lawrence nominated for Worst Actress for acting her guts out in Darren Aronofsky’s mother!

A trip back through the 35-year history of the Razzies reveals 2018 is not an aberration. From its very first year, these awards have made some very questionable decisions. That they’ve endured this long is a testament to the fact that while there are dozens of awards for good movies, there really are just the Razzies for the bad ones. And as the ten shockingly bad Razzie nominees that follow below prove, even crappy movies deserve better than this. In chronological order, they are:

(And yes, we swear we’re not making this up, the Razzies really did nominate Stanley Kubrick for Worst Director of The Shining. They nominated Shelley Duvall too!)

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