Comic-Con 2013 is almost upon us, and one of the more hoped-for panels is the one for 20th Century Fox. Fans have been hoping to catch an update or two on Bryan Singer's 'X-Men: Days of Future Past,' and, though shy of an official announcement, a panel will reportedly happened. In fact, we've already stumbled on some of the "big surprises" coming our way.

Although plenty of news and images have been coming out of the 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' set, there are still plenty of mysteries surrounding the 2014 superhero epic. Will any additional 'X-Men: First Class' members return in the new film? Who exactly is Peter Dinklage playing? More importantly, who is Josh Helman playing? These three questions have now been answered.

In addition to this latest cast addition, Vulture was the one who all-but-confirmed the previously mentioned 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' panel as part of Fox's mysterious "surprise" panel at Comic-Con 2013 this Saturday. If their sources are true (and we bet they are), the panel will include a dozen members of the film's massive cast and will reveal more than a handful of surprises. Of course, Vulture also got the drop on what two of these surprises could be. Stop here if you want to go unspoiled for a while longer.

[START SPOILERS] Apparently, Fox will confirm what we already knew: Peter Dinklage will be playing the villainous Bolivar Trask, the scientist behind the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots. However, the real curveball is who the recently cast Josh Helman will be playing. No, he's not playing a young Cyclops like we all expected, but rather a young William Stryker, the bad guy from 'X2' and 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' famous for implanting Wolverine's adamantium skeleton. Helman will be the third actor to take on the role, following in the footsteps of Brian Cox and Danny Huston.

In addition, Vulture also dropped the first reported plot details for the film:

In Singer's take [on Chris Claremont's comic book storyline], Ellen Page returns as Kitty from the Brett Ratner–directed 'X-Men: The Last Stand,' but this time she uses her powers to send Hugh Jackman's Wolverine back into the past, where he encounters the younger mutants played by James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, and Michael Fassbender. However, something bad happens to Kitty during the time-travel trance, and while Wolverine is still under her spell, the other X-Men must race to find a mutant who can siphon Kitty's powers and bring their friend back to the future.


We expect that these revelations will simply be the tip of the iceberg come the film's Comic-Con panel. Will Fox premiere a teaser? We'll let you know and provide updates direct from Hall H.

'X-Men: Days of Future Past' opens on May 23, 2014.