Earlier today we saw a brand-new trailer for 'The Wolverine,' which keeps looking better and better. And this got us wondering: who else from the 'X-Men' universe should get a solo adventure? Vote in our poll after the break!

When we see the way Marvel is expanding their universe with their 'Avengers' characters and films, it's tempting to think 20th Century Fox might want to do the same with their mutant superheroes. Years ago, when the first 'Wolverine' movie came out, there was talk of doing a solo 'Magneto' film as well. That eventually got folded into 'X-Men: First Class,' and the idea fizzled out. But with the younger 'X-Men' characters brought about by 'First Class' and the forthcoming 'X-Men: Days of Future Past,' we're curious if more standalone films might be coming our way in the future.

So which of the 'X-Men' would you like to see have his or her own movie? See if one of our choices below intrigues you. If not, let us know who your candidate is!

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