And the leaks keep coming from the now infamous, massive Sony hack. Over the last week we’ve learned a lot about the studio’s plans as other outlets have sifted through countless e-mails. The latest batch of information regards not just Sony’s upcoming plans, but the alleged plans of their rival studios, including Fox and Warner Bros.: The director for ‘Aquaman’ has reportedly already been chosen, Fox is planning a crossover between ‘X-Men’ and ‘Fantastic Four,’ and we have more info on the studio’s hopes for ‘Spider-Man.’

The Daily Beast has gone through more of Sony’s e-mails, revealing some potentially interesting plans. First up, in an e-mail from Sony executive Michael DeLuca, we’ve learned that Fox may be planning an eventual ‘X-Men’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ crossover. DeLuca thinks Sony should consider similar crossover plans for Spider-Man and the upcoming spinoff films:

[Simon] Kinberg told me fox is steering Xmen and Fantastic Four into an eventual team up film. Seems to me maybe, since the Spider-man universe itself is deep, you guys should look at sinister six, new spidey, female movie and venom as linked pieces leading to eventual mega movie ala Feige and Fox and not stand alone single films. It’s early in all these and you can still map out a blueprint for connective tissue.

Following the underwhelming performance of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ the studio has been unsure of what to do with the character, instead focusing more on the planned Spidey spinoffs. DeLuca talks further about that proposed Spider-Man crossover into the Marvel Cinematic Universe—although, according to previous e-mail leaks, talks with Marvel had fallen through:

I really feel, in my heart of hearts, that the new spiderman [sic] in cap 3 could just appear in his own film, be it sinister six or a kick ass spidey film of his own, after that intro in cap 3 and people would be cool with it

As we learned in another batch of e-mails, Marvel would recast the role of Spider-Man if they ever regained control of the character. The above e-mail from DeLuca indicates that even Sony might be on board with recasting Andrew Garfield’s role. Another e-mail reveals that Sony hopes to get ‘The LEGO Movie’ directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller to helm ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3.’ We’d also previously learned that Sony was angling to get the duo to direct an animated Spidey film.

And last but not least, DeLuca also mentions that Jeff Nichols (‘Mud’) is directing WB’s upcoming ‘Aquaman’ film, planned for 2018. Nichols recently directed the upcoming WB film ‘Midnight Special,’ which has been compared to the work of John Carpenter and is slated to hit theaters in 2015. It’s entirely plausible that WB may have chosen Nichols—or at the very least, have reached out to him—to direct ‘Aquaman’ based on what they’ve seen of his new film.

That’s a lot of information from Sony, but I have a feeling we won’t be done yet as sites like The Daily Beast continue to sort through all of these massive e-mail dumps.

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