There were plenty of choices for dramatic Outstanding Supporting Actor at the 2015 Emmy Awards, but ol’ Tyrion’s luck seems to have won out again. Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage took home the Outstanding Supporting Actor in Drama award at the 2015 Emmy Awards once again, amid stiff competition.

Dinklage again took home the award after a 2014 win, as the actor noted he hadn’t expected the honor, and was chewing gum at the time. The Game of Thrones star tipped his metaphorical hat to the other actors (only directly naming Jonathan Banks), also acknowledging Game of Thrones writers (themselves winners too), George R.R. Martin, Lena Headey and “like, thousands of people, so goodnight.”

Tonight’s nominees included Jonathan Banks of AMC’s Better Call Saul, Ben Mendelsohn of Netflix’s Bloodline, Jim Carter of ITV’s Downton Abbey, Alan Cumming of CBS’ The Good Wife, and Michael Kelly of Netflix’s House of Cards.

Well, did Peter Dinklage deserve the win? Who got snubbed the hardest? Be sure to check out our master list of tonight’s winners, and stay tuned for more from the 2015 Emmy Awards!