There’s a good chance even those not celebrating March 17 will have plenty to watch in its stead, but the Amazon crowd in particular will be busy. The new crop of 2017 pilots has arrived, including The Legend of Master Legend, a new series from Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, and more, all visible in a first trailer.

Amazon has now made available its full crop of pilots to rate and review, including both comedy and drama. On the comedy side, we have The Legend of Master Legend, weed comedy Budding Prospects, and the animated The New V.I.P.s., while drama brings us Rachel Brosnahan’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Robb Stark, Space Priest Oasis.

So reads the overall synopsis:

Amazon is continuing its tradition of extreme variety this pilot season, including The Legend of Master Legend, from Noah Harpster and Micah Fitzerman-Blue (Transparent), about a homemade superhero in Las Vegas juggling the demands of his duty and his family; Budding Prospects, from Terry Zwigoff (Bad Santa), a 1980s pot comedy based on the T.C. Boyle novel of the same name; The New V.I.P.’s, from Steve Dildarian (The Life & Times of Tim), Amazon’s first adult animated comedy where a group of low level employees seize control of a major corporation after accidentally murdering their boss; The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, from noted creator Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls), about a 1958 New York City woman who goes from uptown housewife to stand-up comic in Greenwich Village; and Oasis, from Matt Charman (Bridge of Spies), that follows a chaplain who is sent into space to help establish a colony on a distant planet.

You can watch all new series right here, and report back!

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