While 'American Horror Story: Asylum' has a number of mysteries coursing across the show's second season, one major question ended up spoiled early thanks to the unmistakable voice of the modern "Bloody Face," as heard in "The Origins of Monstrosity."  Now, series creator Ryan Murphy has in fact confirmed the identity of the modern killer as played by a famous 'American Horror Story' season 1 star, and we've got the photo to prove it!

There's no point in hiding it anymore; 'American Horror Story' season 1 star Dylan McDermott is back, and his face is bloodier than ever. Many viewers picked up on the cue when the voice of the modern "Bloody Face" killer heard over the phone in "The Origins of Monstrosity" unmistakably belonged to McDermott, a fact series creator Ryan Murphy outright confirmed recently.

So as long as the face is out of the bag, how about some photo confirmation?  Entertainment Weekly were courteous enough to provide a photo of Dylan McDermott unmasked as the new Bloody Face, though at the moment we can only speculate as to the origins of this new monstrosity, and what he plans to do with the still-living Theresa (Jenna Dewan-Tatum).

We'll find out more as the season goes on, but in the meantime, check out the first look as Dylan McDermott as the new Bloody Face in the photo below, and give us your 'American Horror Story: Asylum' predictions in the comments!