We're just one week away from the season finale of 'American Horror Story: Asylum,' the last of the series to take place in Ryan Murphy's Briarcliff setting if the yearly reinvention is to be believed. After last night's "Continuum," we'd be hard pressed to imagine how things could get any stranger as all characters descend into madness and violence, but what does series creator Ryan Murphy have to say? Get the latest on the 'American Horror Story: Asylum' season finale from the creator inside!

Bewaring spoilers, last night's "Continuum" proved the most unique 'American Horror Story: Asylum' episode to date as the story moved forward through several years to highlight Kit's unusual family with this two alien baby-mamas, as well as Jude's descent into madness and Lana's rise to shallow prominence as an author. But how will it all end?

'American Horror Story' creator Ryan Murphy spoke to Entertainment Weekly about next week's season finale "Madness Ends," which will also unfold in an unusual format as sort of a "Barbara Walters vs. Ted Bundy" confrontation between Lana and the modern Bloody Face (Dylan McDermott):

I think the finale is my favorite episode we’ve ever done. It was directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and written by Tim Minear. I think it’s even better than “I Am Anne Frank Part II”, which was previously my favorite. The whole thing is done almost as a documentary with Lana current day looking back on her life and doing a 60 Minutes-esque [interview]. That plays with like 10 different time periods. It was a very ambitious script and a very ambitious shoot and Alfonso knocked it out of the park as did Tim.

I don’t want to give too much away. It’s much more emotional than Grand Guignol. It’s something that John Landgraf and I talked about at length before I wrote it. This season was so dark which I loved but I felt it was important in the finale to give a sense of kindness and peace and resolve whenever possible along with some really scary things. So it’s a very very satisfying finale. I think there’s not a single stone unturned. All the questions are answered and more.

Murphy also teased that any unresolved characters would return, such as Joseph Fiennes' Monsignor Timothy, though only one character would be left standing by the finale's end. Additionally, we can expect further clues to the setting of 'American Horror Story' season 3, which Murphy says have been sprinkled throughout the last four episodes.

Well, what say you? As there any sane way for 'American Horror Story: Asylum' to meet its ultimate end? Where do you think the third season will take us? Give us your 'American Horror Story' predictions in the comments!

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