As we grow closer and closer to the holidays, more and more shows sign off for their mid-seasons and leave us dangling for what comes next. Never so strongly have we felt that anticipation as with last night's all-new 'American Horror Story: Asylum' thriller, "The Coat Hanger"! Plenty of our favorite characters were left in mortal peril, with multiple WTF twists thrown into the mix, even the present-day unmasking of season 1 star Dylan McDermott!  So what's next for 'American Horror Story'? Secrets from last night and a big 2013 body count revealed inside!

And so it has come to pass on last night's 'American Horror Story: Asylum,' that Dylan McDermott was revealed as the modern-day Bloody Face, son to Lana Winters and the original Bloody Face, Oliver Thredson (Zachary Quinto)! Not only that, but Sister Jude has been committed, Monsignor Timothy crucified, and Kit Walker killed long enough for the aliens to appear and return a living and (very) pregnant Grace. Just what the heck might come next, when the show returns in 2013 with "The Name Game'?

Series creator Ryan Murphy recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly, teasing (among other things) a massive body count for the show's tenth episode, one in which at least half the current cast would bite the big one:

The funny thing about coming back in episode 10 of 13, half the cast dies in episode 10. So when the script came out, everyone was like, “What?! I die now?” So I had to make a lot of calls. Episode 10 is very good, dramatic…all the cliff hangers are answered and there’s some really juicy stuff because half the cast dies.

Granted the rules of death haven't entirely been made clear in the re-vamped second season, we have to imagine Murphy wouldn't kill off half the cast without some kind of clearer picture of the endgame. Either way we'll be looking forward to some answers about what happened with Pepper, and anyone else taken in by the aliens. Oh, and for anyone confused about the fate of Jenna Dewan Tatum's Teresa, Murphy blithely clarifies "Teresa bit the dust."

What say you? Can you wait until January 2 for the return of 'American Horror Story: Asylum'? What are your theories on the cast deaths or the aliens? Give us your predictions in the comments!