Oh come on, you didn't think you were getting through the day without a brand-new, mind-boggling look into 'American Horror Story: Asylum,' did you?  We're not sure just how many of these things FX plans to roll out, with plenty of days between now and its October 17 premiere, but we're most grateful for the teasers that actually have some decipherable elements.  So what did we learn from today's installment of 'American Horror Story: Asylum?'

In what could be the shock of the century, today FX released another 'American Horror Story: Asylum' teaser to compliment the other dozen or so.  Of course, 'American Horror Story' had a bit of good news last night when Ryan Murphy announced that season 1 star Frances Conroy will return for the coming episodes after all, so we'll take that as the win of the week.

In any case, the latest teaser "Slipping" seems to place a few more pieces together, as we see a nun approach a bed, before shedding her habit to reveal a slinky red number underneath.  Could it have something to do with the bandaged girl we saw in the forest, dressed in red?  And kudos for bringing back that creepy "Que Sera, Sera" rendition.

We'll keep you updated on the latest casting announcements here, but in the meantime tell us what you think of the new teaser in the comments below!