As scary as it might have been to see the emaciated Angelina Jolie take a part on a cable TV series, it looks like 'American Horror Story' will have to rely on a different kind of terror with the casting of its latest, "pivotal" season 2 role.  But just who won the part earlier compared to Angelina Jolie's portrayal in 'Girl, Interrupted?'

According to a TVLine exclusive, 'American Horror Story' season 2 will call on French actress Lizzie Brocheré to take the regular role of "Gia," a character previously likened to Angelina Jolie's character in 1999's 'Girl, Interrupted.'  The initial casting sheets for the character billed Gia as a "fierce, ferocious, extremely sexual and dangerous wild-child sexpot who harbors a secret," noting that the character would be something of an antagonist to returning Jessica Lange's central character.

While an inside source notes that "the part has been changed considerably" since that initial casting sheet, Brocheré's most notable work comes from her rather, shall we say NC-17 French films.  We'll assume she'll be wearing clothing on the actual show.  Once in awhile.

For the most part, details of 'American Horror Story' season 2 have remained tight, though it's known to take place on the East Coast, with season 1 stars Zachary Quinto, Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters returning in a regular capacity.  And how about Maroon 5 singer and 'The Voice' coach Adam Levine appearing in an arc as one half of a couple referred to as “The Lovers?"

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