We’re astonishingly late into the year to have no knowledge of American Horror Story Season 6's central theme, but toss another familiar face onto its cast. Cheyenne Jackson has confirmed his return for the next American Horror Story, whatever it is, whenever it takes place, and whoever else will join him.

Following his Hotel stay, Jackson seemingly confirmed as much to Out magazine, saying “right now, we’re shooting Horror Story. I won’t be able to promote [new album Renaissance] ‘till we’re done, by the end of the year,” before doubling up on Twitter:

As to his role? You guessed it, we know nothing!

You’ll see. Wild horses wouldn’t make me reveal the plot.

Previously said to be working on two distinct ideas, American Horror Story Season 6 has extended open invitations for any and all past stars to return, including Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Denis O’Hare, Matt Bomer, Wes Bentley and Finn Wittrock. Murphy previously confirmed a shocking role in mind for Angela Bassett, while Lady Gaga has also been confirmed to recur in some capacity.

Thus far, little else of the sixth season has been revealed, other than to expect the premiere in fall, and that the season could take place in two different time periods.

Will FX provide Season 6 details before long? Is the unusual American Horror Story Season 6 reveal a consequence of taking the series to space? I will happily forgive this impertinence, Ryan.

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