Inexplicable Golden Globe-winner American Horror Story: Hotel still has one episode remaining in its run, but it won’t be long before Season 6 starts gearing up for pre-production. We know Lady Gaga has been invited back, but series creator Ryan Murphy seems to say Angela Bassett has already confirmed a return.

Following Gaga’s deeply controversial Golden Globe win (Fargo-Dunst, represent!) for her role as Hotel’s Countess, a jubilant Ryan Murphy spoke with E! News to reveal that in his euphoric state, he’d already begun filling in franchise veterans of their roles in the sixth season. Murphy noted that Angela Bassett in particular had a shocked reaction, though one shouldn’t presume the actress has signed any dotted line as of yet:

Thus far, no major details of American Horror Story Season 6 have emerged, though we at least know Murphy extended an invitation to Gaga before the official renewal, while Gaga’s Golden Globe win could tip scales on the pop singer’s involvement either way. Coven and Freak Show star Emma Roberts also indicated a likelihood to her return, after sitting out Hotel for FOX and Murphy’s Scream Queens.

The Hotel will finally shutter for good on Wednesday, but who should join the next iteration of American Horror Story? Could they don spacesuits, while they’re at it?

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