American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy already promised that Season 7 wouldn’t employ the same closely-guarded mystery theme that made Roanoke rough going at first, but that isn’t going to preclude some fun in the meantime. A cryptic new tease from American Horror Story social media could be putting us out to sea for the show’s seventh year.

Per Entertainment Weekly, it seems that shortly after last night’s Roanoke finale (my review: everyone died, it was fine), a new teaser made it’s way online, with a strangely seaward slant:

On the one hand, the thought of “SWEET DREAMS” juxtaposed with soothing ocean imagery might simply serve to calm viewers after the finale (minus the screaming interjections). On the other, some have drawn attention to a model ship that caught the camera’s gaze for more than a few moments, and we all know how Ryan Murphy likes to leave his little hints.

Last we heard, Murphy claimed Season 7 “does have a big hook behind it,” one that might feature the return of several characters from American Horror Story: Freak Show. Additionally, a separate upcoming season might bring together Murder House and Coven characters, to say nothing of whatever “secret season” Murphy has reportedly been writing.

It could be some time before we find any significance to the ocean teaser, but is open water (or an island) the next uncharted destination for American Horror Story Season 7?

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